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Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Welcome to another school year at Sir William Osler Elementary School! I am delighted to be teaching Intermediate French here again.  Sending an email to the following address would be the easiest way to reach me:

Home/School Communication

Please feel free to contact me by email at Thank you to those who signed up to join my email subscription list. I think blogs and email are great tools to improve and facilitate the flow of information between students, parents, and teachers. I hope that we will all use the system to convey supportive and constructive comments. In an effort to maintain an open line of communication between parents, students and teachers, I will also be using a class blog. My blog address is  Please feel free to subscribe to my blog:

Email address

Apps we will use in class

In class this year, we will be using our devices for learning.  More information on tech-enabled learning at SWO can be found on the SWO school site here.  In order to access the activities and documents needed in class, students will need to download a few (free) apps to use in class.  These apps are:

  • Google classroom
  • Google Docs
  • Google Slides
  • a QR code reader (any free version will do.  I like Scan Life, or QR code reader by Scan, Inc.)

Internet Safety

Students should also create an avatar to use to identify their account in the midst of activity.  I recommend students using avatars instead of pictures of themselves for reasons of Internet safety.  For more information on this, visit this site. For some kid-friendly avatar creators visit here.

Google Classroom

Instead of using Agendas and notebooks in French class, I will be using this blog, Google Apps for Education (GAFE) including Google Classroom and Twitter as a means of communicating student news and assignments. Students have access to Google Classroom through their HWDSB accounts however, they will need to download the application Google Classroom prior to signing in. Students can access these services on a tablet, smartphone, computer or internet-accessible device by logging in through Google using their school email address and board issued password. Homeroom teachers have a list of the student’s passwords in case they are forgotten.

Most assignment and quizzes will be completed using GAFE this year.  Students will receive their feedback through Google Classroom.  Additionally, I can set up automatic delivery to you email of any evaluations or assignments as well.  Please email me if you would like your child’s evaluations emailed directly to you.


Social media can be a powerful learning tool.  In class, I will use Twitter to tweet news and happenings in our class.  If you are weary about your child using Twitter please note that students do not have to have the Twitter app to access my tweets; they can view them on the class blog.  Please feel free to subscribe to my tweets for news and class information: @MadameBassHWDSB.   


Students may occasionally have work to complete at home usually if work is not completed during class time. Students should be able to complete these tasks independently; however, they can benefit from a quiet place in which to perform these tasks and the supervision of an adult or older sibling to ensure that homework is completed. Homework will not normally be assigned on weekends. Generally, your child should not spend more than 30 minutes completing homework per evening; please advise me if this is not the case. If your child is unable to complete her/his homework for any reason, please let me know by sending me an email.

Homework Help/ French Chats

As we are using Google Classroom this year, all of your child’s notes and work will be accessible online.  In the case that students are working on assignments or projects, I will host live Homework Help sessions on Google Hangouts On Air.  Google Hangouts is a free app that allows me to record live video while students can interact by typing questions.  I will notify you and the students of upcoming live stream via the class blog and Twitter.  In order to access these events, students would visit (or subscribe) to my YouTube channel, here.   

Classe Partenaire / Buddy Class

In the coming months, I will try to match students with an younger “ami(e)” from a junior French class with whom we will do some technology activities. Having a “buddy” contributes to the students’ communication skills, helps younger students feel part of the school community, and gives a chance to older students to be friends and role-models, both in the classroom and outside at recess.

I am really looking forward to a busy French-filled year at SWO!  Please contact me if you have any questions about this information, or FSL class in general.


Mme. Bass

For additional information, please click on the links to read the attached documents:

How can I support my child if I don’t speak French?

How will my child be assessed?



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