Révision: Je me presente- les cartes d’étudier

Using the questions from the worksheet linked below, make some flashcards with the questions on the front, and the answers on the back. These cards are to help you memorize the questions and answers for our first oral communication assessment next week. You may not use the cards in your assessment. It must be memorized.

To create your flashcards, you can use paper cards (I have some) or an app like Quizlet to create digital flashcards to help you memorize.

We will be practicing using these questions for the rest of the week.



Vidéo vendredi- Chez Mimi

Youppi, c’est vendredi!video-vendredi

Aujourd’hui est vidéo vendredi, et nous allons regarder un nouvelle série, Chez Mimi. Nous allons regarder une partie du premier épisode <<En famillie.>>

Le synopisis:

Madame Mimi est un nouvelle concièrge un appartement, et elle est grinceuse.  Elle a beaucoup des règles.  Mais, elle va rencontrer les voisins, qui sont bizarres mais gentils.

Quand nous regardons un vidéo, nous allons le regarder; collecter le vocabulaire; et regarder le clip encore–pour pratiquer!

Si tu aime Chez Mimi, il y a une site web avec des jeux vidéos ici:


Pourquoi le français?

Bonjour mes amis!

You may have notice that my walls are a little bare.  That’s because j’ai besoin de votre aide!  We are going to make posters promoting learning French!

Here’s a video with a little background information about the importance of learning French:

And this video: https://www.powtoon.com/c/fY5u0494W7X/2/p

Also, take a look around la salle de classe; is there anything that can give you more information?

Most importantly, be persuasive!  How can we convince people that taking French is important?

Assignment details:

Poster requirements:

  • use an appropriate app to create your poster
  • Must be in color
  • Must be in french
  • Must include information (Grade 6- 5 points, Grade 7- 7 points, Grade 8 10 points) about the benefits of learning French
  • All images must be appropriate
  • Be creative!

Assignment Rubric:

Assignment due: vendredi 7 octobre 2016